Jo's Bowl

  The bowl in this series of pictures was created for Jo Mellor with grateful thanks. She did all the original design and development work on my web site. Although this site has now been subjected to much evolution, it was the work which Jo did that showed me the way forward.  
  Jo wanted an Oak salad bowl, so a nice blank was selected from Stiles & Bates, and was stored at home for a couple of months to allow it to stabilise. The weight of the original blank was 2.4 kilograms   It has been decided which will be the top and bottom, and the faceplate has been screwed on.  
  When first mounted it was found that the blank was well out of balance. The initial turning mane the wood circular, but it was still well out of balance. It was hoped that the situation would improve as the mass was reduced, time would tell. A dovetail recess has now been cut.   The outer profile has now been cut, and sanded to 400 grit.  
  The bowl has now been re-mounted ready to cut the inside profile. 100mm jaws have been put on the chuck and they are clamped onto the dovetail recess.   After the inside was cut, I trimmed the rim to give a nice clean edge using my trusty '3 point tool'. The inside and rim were then sanded to 400 grit.  
  The finished bowl has now been reverse-chucked on the cole jaws to convert the remaining dovetail spigot into a minimalist foot ring. This area was then also sanded to 400 grit.   Job done. The bowl has been finished with 3 coats of food safe oil. The final weight was 400 grams, a reduction of 2 kilo's. The bowl never actually came into balance, so the blank must have had a dense patch on one side, but it didn't prevent a very nice piece being produced, and Jo was very pleased with the result, as was I.  
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